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One of the offshoots of my advertising career was the exposure to the medical field. While working on accounts involving orthopedics and general healthcare products, I interacted with manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and surgeons to develop my designs and campaigns. While learning the details of the subject matter I became fascinated with rendering the various procedures and techniques, initially for my own information. Some of these renderings fell into the hands of clients and they requested I tighten them up so they could use them for publication. Thus began my involvement in the field of medical illustration.

When I left advertising to start my own business, I continued to illustrate surgical technique manuals, FDA reports and a variety of step-by-step techniques and applications for new products. Although a majority of my work involves orthopedics, I have also illustrated cardiovascular and other soft tissue techniques. If I am not familiar with a procedure, with research and proper reference, I can draw anything I understand. I have not only observed in the OR for reference but have also taken information by phone to complete a drawing. Not my favorite method, but it can be done in certain situations.

My specialty is the rendering of product techniques and applications in vivo, showing the product as clearly as possible while maintaining the integrity of a realistic operative setting. I work in graphite enhanced by Photoshop. Using this technique I am able to deliver a job within a fairly short time frame and within a reasonable budget.